Take our Code, Please!

We believe that our technology should reflect our values. We built CallPower with the support of organizations that believe in code freedom, innovation, and sharing. Open source means that anyone can download, modify, use, improve, and share our tools.

Our code is licensed freely under the AGPL, which is a "copyleft" license. This means that if anyone makes changes to the software for their own uses, these changes must be available under the same license. This ensures that the movement will always own the best copy of the software.

Usage fees may be charged by the telephony provider Twilio (currently 1.5¢ / min in the US). 501c3 organizations may apply for a discount and $500 in credit through Twilio.org.

We provide professional hosting, campaign consulting, and priority support for a monthly fee. We also build custom microsites for campaigns, organizations or coalitions.

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